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  • Emma Lake Boydston

Swelling Batteries

My current laptop (a Microsoft Surface Pro 4) has been my daily workhorse for five and a half years. About six months ago I began to notice that the battery life was getting noticeably shorter. A diagnostic tool told me the battery was operating at 67% of it’s original life, but even that seemed high to me. And then about two months ago I noticed a slight bulge to the screen (the battery is behind the screen). Then a bigger bulge. And now the bulge is so bad the glass is pulling away from the laptop frame itself and I can peek through to see the guts of the computer! The reason for the bulge is not a mystery: batteries that fail can sometimes expand due to the creation of gasses within the sealed battery. If you notice your device (laptop, tablet, or cell phone) slowly swelling, you should plan to replace the device or battery very soon. I can assist with replacing a battery on most devices, but if you go the DIY route make sure to recycle the old battery in a responsible manner. On a happy note, I ordered myself a new laptop and it arrived just a few days ago.

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