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  • Emma Lake Boydston

TV Options

While configuring TVs aren’t our main line of work, we often get asked what we do for TV content while trying to keep the monthly bill low. I know lots of options exist and there’s no perfect answer for anyone, but here is our setup.

Ben: When my wife and I were first married and moving into our own apartment we decided that we would not subscribe to cable or satellite TV at first and see if we missed it. Sixteen years later we have still never signed up. Right now we pay for Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ and find more than enough content from those two platforms. In the rare case where we want to watch local channels we still have an over-the-air antenna (yes, “rabbit ears”) connected to our TV.

Emma: My husband and I like to stick with streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, and have always turned down the “amazing deals!” that Spectrum and others advertise for cable TV. To keep content fresh, we have found switching services every six months or so can be fun. Since streaming services don’t have a lot of new content now due to the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike, you can also check your local library for DVDs or downloadable movies!

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