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  • Emma Lake Boydston

What is Email Bombing?

Most of us have probably received scammy emails, the likes of which attempt to scare us into calling “Microsoft” to get the $700 charge refunded. But here’s another despicable way that scammers try to get you – it's called Email Bombing. As the name suggests, your email inbox gets hit with a flood of hundreds of emails, such as newsletter subscriptions, marketing emails, and more. This can be an attempt to overwhelm and clog up your email server. It can also act as a smokescreen for one email in the midst of them that may have a security alert, a password change, or credit card information. The point of the email bomb is to distract you from seeing the real email where scammers have actually hacked an account. If this happens to you, make sure you carefully comb through the emails before deleting, increase your spam filtering, and change any compromised passwords.  

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