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Alternatives to Suddenlink

If you live or work in the Georgetown area you probably use Suddenlink for internet. Suddenlink is a cable internet provider, which means their signal comes to your home or business through a physical coaxial cable. As a result they are able to offer very fast internet speeds (100Mbps to 1,000Mbps). However, you probably also know they have a reputation for poor customer service. Frontier (formerly Verizon) DSL is also available in Georgetown over existing copper phone lines but speeds are much slower (6Mbps to 12Mbps).

Wireless internet options are also available from small local companies to the big national names. They typically require installation of an antenna outside your building that picks up a signal from a nearby tower. Coverage areas, speeds, data caps, and pricing varies by company. In a future article I’ll try to create a comparison matrix of the relative features. You can also do your own homework by referencing an aggregator site like

Rise Broadband (up to 100Mbps)

SOS Communications (up to 25Mbps)

Rock Solid Internet (up to 100Mbps)

Western Broadband (up to 20Mbps)

Verizon 5G Home Internet (up to 300Mbps)

Do you know of another quality internet provider in Williamson County? Let me know!

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