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Annoying Chrome Notifications

Do you sometimes see a gray notification box pop-up in the bottom right corner of your screen, often enticing you to click and read some web article? These “notifications” (spam, in my eyes) happen when you have Google Chrome open, but are usually unrelated to the website you are currently visiting. When you visit a site, you may see a white box in the top left corner asking your permission to send notifications. If you happen to click Allow, that site can now send notifications to your computer even if you aren’t actively viewing that site. There are some helpful uses to notifications like calendar reminders, but I find they are all too often abused by scammy websites. To disable these notifications in Chrome click the “three-dot” Menu button in the top right corner, then Settings, then Site Settings, then Notifications. Here you can revoke the “allow” permission given to specific websites or turn off notifications all together. Happy surfing!

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