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Data Backup: As Easy As 3-2-1

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Yesterday was “World Backup Day”! Do you have a backup for your important files? I hope so! But is it enough? A recommended backup practice is called the “3-2-1” method and suggests that you keep three copies of your data, on two different local devices (one being your actual computer), and one off-site (or cloud) copy. This may sound like overkill but think about the consequences of losing that data! And it really isn’t difficult to setup this level of protection. A capacious external hard drive can be purchased for about $100 to provide the second local backup copy, utilizing the free backup utilities provided with Windows and Mac computers. For the off-site copy, I use and recommend Backblaze. It is a US-based company that provides flat-rate cloud backup of your computer for $60/year. After installing a small program on your computer it will automatically and silently save copies of your user files to the cloud. If you’re interested in having this backup strategy configured for your computer (or aren’t even sure if you have a backup!), let me know and I’d be happy to help!

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