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Dell Vulnerability Announced

Even the biggest tech companies can have a major “oopsie”. Dell recently announced a vulnerability that has been present in nearly all their desktops and laptops going back 12 years. The vulnerability is in a driver that came preinstalled on hundreds of millions of Dell computers and could allow an attacker to “escalate” their privileges (a.k.a. get administrative rights). That’s the scary part, but there is some good news. First, there is no known active exploitation of this bug…yet. Second, the vulnerability requires that an attacker already have access to your computer through some other means. Third, the remedy is rather simple: just run your Dell driver update software (Dell Command Update, Dell Update, or Dell SupportAssist) and the vulnerable file will be fixed. Full details can be found here. If you have a service agreement with me then your computers have already been patched. If you would like some assistance in applying the patch please don't hesitate to ask (no charge if you purchased your Dell through me).

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