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Do I Need a Static IP Address?

Before I attempt to answer this question, we need a brief primer. An IP address is a series of numbers, typically four sets of 0 to 255, that identify any device in a network. An internal IP address is assigned to all the devices in your home by your router. An external IP address is assigned to your modem by your internet service provider to identify your service on their network. Any IP address will be static and unchanging, or dynamic and subject to change anytime. For most home users, both your internal and external IP addresses will be dynamic, and that’s completely fine. Occasionally, you may want to consider configuring a static internal IP address for devices like a security camera recorder or file server. A static external IP address adds $10-20 to your monthly bill and really is just used in business environments where remote users must connect to corporate resources. In short, you likely don’t need any static IP addresses but I’m always happy to provide a complimentary consultation if you think you might have a particular situation that would benefit.

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