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  • Emma Lake Boydston

EULA Analyzer

Raise your hand if you’ve done this – you are downloading a new program or logging into a new website and a looooonng contract pops up. You click the “okay” button and move on, right? That’s what most of us do, as we don’t have the time or legal knowledge to thoroughly read one of these End User License Agreements or EULAs. But companies can be very sneaky about burying information in these EULAs, and you could be potentially giving away more of your personal information than you wanted. You can try this EULA Analyzer, which scans an agreement and highlights potentially hidden behavior and helps you better gauge the risks and benefits of agreeing to an EULA. It also keeps a database of viewed and signed agreements if you need to access them again. It may be worth the extra effort for peace of mind.

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