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  • Emma Lake Boydston

Expiring Domains

Do you have a website or business email address with a custom domain? (The domain is the part after the @ symbol.) If so, you might double-check the renewal date. Domains are relatively inexpensive (around $20/year), and can be purchased for multiple years at once. As a result, I often find that the credit card on file with the domain registrar expires before the renewal date, and the auto-charge is subsequently declined. If this happens (as I’ve seen happen to clients several times this year), your tech life can come crashing to a halt as email, websites, and file sharing all stop working at once. Now would be a good time to confirm your renewal date and make sure a current credit card is on file with the company you purchased the domain from. Don’t know which company or the date? A good starting point it to use a public “Whois” directory, or ask me to help out.

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