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  • Emma Lake Boydston

Microsoft Copilot

Last month, Microsoft announced their newest product called Microsoft Copilot. It is an AI “companion” that works within your Microsoft 365 products. It generates responses based on information it finds within your Outlook emails, Calendar, One Note documents, and more. You can ask questions like “What do I need to do for tomorrow’s meetings?” and prompts like “Write a proposal from the meeting I had with Company ABC”. The difference between Copilot and something like ChatGPT is that it searches and generates answers based on information you have given it through your 365 apps, not the entire internet. But like ChatGPT, it is a Large Language Model (LLM) which means it has been fed massive amounts of data from books, articles, and the internet to learn how to generate a response in “normal” language. This product would be helpful to individuals and organizations who use Microsoft apps for all parts of their business, and probably not for folks who mix and match products. For the moment it’s only enabled for large corporations. Let’s hope Microsoft gets the kinks worked out before opening it up to all of us!

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