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Microsoft’s Own Pop-Up

Microsoft, like all big tech companies, is always adding new features to their software. Lately, though, one of these so-called features has caused only frustration among my clients. You may have seen a brief weather status show up in the lower right side of your Windows taskbar. By itself that’s not so bad – useful, even. But what can be bothersome is if you happen to briefly hover your mouse over that weather status you’ll get a much larger window pop-up with news headlines, sports scores, a stock ticker, and more. Yikes! It can be a little jarring to see all this clutter on your screen if you weren’t expecting it. To disable this feature, right-click on a blank spot on your task bar, hover over “News and interests”, and then click “Turn off” or just uncheck “Open on hover”. Ahh…now doesn’t that feel better?

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