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Microsoft “We Need to Fix Your Account”

If you are using a Microsoft account to login to your computer or have a Microsoft 365 subscription, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a notification briefly appear at the bottom right of your screen that says “We Need to Fix Your Microsoft Account”. This randomly-timed alert mentions a password possibly being changed, which has caused more than a few of my clients to suspect the alert is phoney. While I commend them for being suspicious, this is a legitimate alert, although not very urgent. Microsoft doesn’t go into detail about what triggers this, other than saying it can be related to the vague “Shared experiences” setting, which only applies to users with multiple devices. I also suspect it may be a way for Microsoft to confirm 365 users are current on their subscription status. Whatever the cause, the fix is actually quite simple: click Start > Settings > System > Shared Experiences, and click the “Fix Now” button. You will then be prompted for some sort of identity verification like a password, PIN, or texted code. And that’s it!

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