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  • Emma Lake Boydston

New Default Font for Office

Back in 2007 Microsoft replaced the familiar serif font Times New Roman with then-new Calibri as the default font for Office. It was quite a change and not welcomed by everyone, but we got on with our lives and the more rounded Calibri became pretty familiar to us over time. Now, fifteen years later Microsoft is changing our default font again – to Aptos. Still a sans serif font, the change is subtle enough to not be immediately evident. This new default is rolling out to all Microsoft 365 subscription users over the next few months, but it’s not clear if or when this change would affect users of older versions of Office. If you don’t like the new Aptos font, you can change it back. Note that Microsoft’s change only affects brand new documents; it does not change any of your existing documents. Personally, I have become a bit tired of the ubiquitousness of Calibri and am looking forward to this refreshed appearance.

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