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  • Emma Lake Boydston

No, iOS 17 Isn't Leaking Your Information

I can remember one of the early apps I tried out on my first smartphone oh-so-many years ago involved sharing your contact details with another smartphone user. You would lightly bump phones and your virtual business cards would be swapped. It seems like every time there’s a similar way to share information there is a peak in the amount of fearmongering and baseless news articles about how dangerous this can be. This month’s iOS 17 update to the iPhone and Apple Watch is no different. A feature called NameDrop has arrived and has the uninformed up in arms about privacy concerns. There are multiple levels of approvals confirming you want to share information using this feature before it will give out anything to another device nearby. The debunking website Snopes has more information on the overblown concerns, as well as how to disable the feature if you really think you’ll never use it.

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