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No, You Didn’t Purchase Norton/Office/Geek Squad/Etc

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

We’ve all been trained to be skeptical of unsolicited calls and emails. So how does a determined scammer continue to make money? By getting us to call them! I’ve seen a huge uptick lately in scam emails that are meant to look like a payment receipt for a service like Norton, McAfee, Microsoft Office, or Geek Squad – often for exorbitant amounts of $500 or more. These emails will then say that if the charge is in error to call them for a refund. And that’s exactly what you do because the charge is obviously wrong! And so begins a conversation with the scammer convincing you to provide your banking information in order to process a “refund”, when in actuality they will drain your account. These phony emails usually have poor grammar and are often sent from a Gmail address. If you get one, do not call or email them! Simply delete the email and carry on with your day.

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