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  • Emma Lake Boydston

Outlook for Windows

When Windows 10 was released (oh so many years ago), Microsoft replaced the much-loved Live Mail with a new email program simply called Mail. It had a basic interface but worked for email correspondence for many people. Now, Microsoft is at it again and replacing that Mail program with something called “Outlook (new)” or sometimes “Outlook for Windows”. The good news is that this program is free…and that’s about where the good news ends. The interface of the new Outlook for Windows is meant to emulate the more-powerful Outlook desktop program, but is lacking in many features and really shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for those who currently use the traditional Outlook desktop program. So if you currently use Outlook my suggestion is to not change anything and stick with how you’ve always been checking email. For the moment the only users who will be affected are those who currently use the simplified Mail program (see icon above) and purchase a new computer beginning in 2024 when the new Outlook for Windows will be the default mail program. Clear as mud, right? If you think you might be affected by the change and want to know your options, feel free to reach out to us.

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