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Printer Ink: Name Brand or Aftermarket?

I get it: I, too, hate shelling out big bucks for new ink or toner on printers. I just replaced the black toner in my office’s laser printer and it cost $110 (!). Thankfully, Office Depot’s coupon and rewards softened the blow somewhat but it’s still pretty painful to buy name brand ink and toner. Aftermarket companies address this by selling remanufactured and compatible cartridges at a fraction of the cost of name brand products. I have noticed many clients who go this route and I certainly don’t blame them. But quality can be inconsistent and in some cases can clog and damage the printer itself, negating any financial benefit. And printer manufacturers are clear that damage caused by aftermarket products are not covered under warranty. Personally, I will continue to hold my breath and pay for name brand ink and toner knowing that quality and compatibility is guaranteed. 

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