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  • Emma Lake Boydston

Slam the Scam!

The Social Security Administration is trying to help crack down on scammers with National Slam the Scam Day on March 9th. Yes, it’s cheesy, but it has some helpful tips to recognize harmful scams. First, scammers pretend to be a legitimate company such as Microsoft, UPS, or the Social Security Administration. An email or pop-up can have official looking logos and signatures, but check the email address - if it’s from a personal looking email, that’s your first red flag. Second, scammers put pressure on you by pretending there is a problem (“Your computer has been compromised! Your Social Security number has been stolen!") and use your anxiety to bully you into action. Your final red flag is that a scammer will ask for money by gift card, bitcoin, cash, or credit card information. When in doubt, hang up, ask a trusted friend, or reach out to us to verify if something seems suspicious. Check out the SSA’s Slam the Scam website for more info.

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