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Solid State Drives – Everyone’s Doing It (Or Should!)

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Have you heard the term “solid state drive” or “SSD” lately in tech advertisements? An SSD is a new type of hard drive technology that involves no moving parts. Think of it as a super fast and large USB flash drive. It’s also totally silent, draws less power, and is less susceptible to physical damage. Many new computers today come with an SSD, but did you know an older computer can also be upgraded? For most computers the traditional hard drive is the limiting component and swapping that out will result in a significant speed boost. And with the tools I have the upgrade is painless and doesn’t involve reinstalling any software – the computer will look and feel exactly the same, just faster. Demand for SSDs in the last few years has driven prices down to reasonable levels. A common 500GB SSD can be had for about $75. Interested in knowing if your computer would be a good candidate? Reach out to me for a complementary assessment!

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