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  • Emma Lake Boydston

The End of Quickbooks Desktop?

Forgive the fear-mongering title above, but I really do think we are starting to see at least the beginning of the end of Quickbooks Desktop. Intuit has announced that new customers will not be able to purchase non-enterprise versions of Quickbooks Desktop starting July 31, 2024, and support for versions older than 2022 will end on the same date. Importantly, existing Quickbooks customers can still upgrade but they aren’t selling it to anyone who doesn’t already have Desktop. Intuit is pushing hard to convert businesses to their Quickbooks Online platform, but for now is still supporting Desktop Enterprise (albeit on a subscription basis). My crystal ball tells me that in the next few years we’ll begin to see fewer options for those who like to have their accounting data stored locally on their own computers. If you are a Desktop user and want to chat about how this may or may not affect you, let us know.

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