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  • Emma Lake Boydston

Two Minutes to Save Future Frustration

Nobody likes to waste valuable time thinking about future calamities, but this little hint could save you a lost of frustration in the future if your computer were to crash: take a moment to ensure that System Restore is enabled. System Restore is a built-in feature of Windows that takes periodic “snapshots” of your system, often right before a large update or software installation. It’s not a true backup solution, but it can help in many cases when your computer won’t boot properly (for example, after a corrupted update). To confirm that System Restore is active, click the Start button and type “Create a restore point”, then select that option in your results. In the System Properties window that opens, click the System Protection tab and in the Protection Settings section make sure your C: drive shows Protection is “On”. If it shows Off, click the drive, select Configure, check “Turn on system protection”, then hit OK twice. And that’s it! Your future self may one day thank you for this small act.

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