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  • Emma Lake Boydston

What Does the Dot on Your Smartphone Mean?

You may have occasionally noticed a green or orange dot along the top edge of your iPhone or Android screen. It’s not obvious what it means, but you should be aware of it. The dot was added by Apple and Google as a privacy tool to indicate when your phone’s camera or microphone is active. You will likely see it when you are on a phone call or video chat, as these are times when the camera or microphone are in use. On an iPhone the dot is orange if just the microphone is in use and green if the camera is in use. Android phones use a green dot for either sensor. The idea behind this tiny indicator is to alert you if an app is surreptitiously recording you. So if you are not actively using the camera or microphone and you see this little green or orange dot, shut down your phone and reach out to someone for help.

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