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  • Emma Lake Boydston

What is ClipChamp?

Many clients have reported recently seeing a Windows notification in the lower right corner of their screen saying that “Video editing is moving to ClipChamp” – but what is that? In short, ClipChamp is video editing software from Microsoft (or rather, from a small company that Microsoft purchased in 2021). Eagle-eyed users running the latest version of Windows 10 or any version of Windows 11 may have noticed that ClipChamp already exists on their computer. This software makes it very easy to create a compelling video from your own pictures and videos. You can add transitions, titles, and audio. It doesn’t cost anything to use, but most of the useful features like high-definition export or royalty-free stock photos are only available to Microsoft 365 users. And the top tier of features (admittedly only useful for frequent video editors) costs another $12/mo on top of that.

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