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  • Emma Lake Boydston

WiFi Extenders vs WiFi Mesh

If you have areas of weak WiFi in your home or business, you may have done some research to resolve this and run across devices using various names such as WiFi extenders, repeaters, boosters, and mesh networks. The first three terms are interchangeable and refer to an older and simpler technology that picks up a signal from an existing router and rebroadcasts it, usually with an “EXT” suffix added to the name. While inexpensive, my experience is that these are not usually all that helpful. Because of the second WiFi name you may find yourself frequently changing networks. And the older tech can only provide half the speed of the primary router; think of a man in the middle passing a ball back and forth. If you really want to improve WiFi performance, it’s much better to invest in a new mesh system that incorporates multiple WiFi access points and connects them seamlessly with a hidden frequency. Let me know if you want to chat about your current setup and if you might benefit from replacing an outdated WiFi extender.

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