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  • Emma Lake Boydston

Wrong Number Text Scam

We’ve seen an uptick in a relatively new type of scam that comes across as a text message. You’ll get a note from an unknown number who appears to be contacting someone other than you. An innocent mistake, or something more sinister? Lately, it’s more the latter. If you reply with a helpful “You have the wrong number” message, the friendly person will continue chatting with you and attempt to form a connection. In the more obvious scams it will lead to the stranger inviting you to join them on an adult website. But some have been more sneaky, even carrying on a sporadic conversation for months before anything fishy is mentioned. In one sad case, a person lost over $100k in a fake cryptocurrency scheme after believing they were talking to a new “friend” over text. So be vigilant, and always get the advice of a trusted friend before sharing any personal information with a stranger. 

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