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Reminder: Phone Number = Scam

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

We are all bombarded with scams of some sort or another. Many are easy to spot and ignore. But sometimes we let our guard down or the ruse is particularly slick. The biggest giveaway to spot a fake email or popup? It implores you to call a phone number. Whether it’s an email saying you purchased something you didn’t or a virus warning on your computer, if the message wants you to call a number you can be nearly guaranteed that this is a scam. Think about it: having a call center is the most expensive method of customer service. Why would Microsoft/Apple/Norton/BestBuy want you to call them first? Most large companies steer you into emailing or chatting online with a support rep first, because this is a cheaper way for them to provide support. So remember: a prominent phone number nearly always means it’s a scam!

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